Uschi Digard Classic Porn Actress - Appreciations From Her Fans
Uschi Digard - Appreciations From Her Fans

“Can some of you here explain to me or give me a history lesson on Uschi Digard? I've been told if you appreciate nudies from the 60-70 era, you must see her work, but doe she actually "act" in her movies, or is she more of a "eye candy" who does not utter a single word? I would like to know more about her, so please educate me. Uschi Digard has a thick accent, not sure of the Country, Swedish? She has a large speaking part in A Touch of Sweden. A lot of her films she does minimal speaking. Uschi Digard has a funny small part in Russ Meyer's Supervixens, also listed as Associate Producer in Meyer's Up! (She has no acting part). She is in a lot of softcore, but I'm pretty sure she has never shot a hardcore scene.” - Chuck

“Uschi Digard has all the acting talent of a loaf of bread but she has bigger naturally hanging loaves on her chest hence her appeal. Can't say I ever dug her but I know of many that do. I've seen her fully nude many times but never hardcore. Check her out in THE BIG SNATCH (2nd time I mentioned that film today) and THE TOY BOX.” - Darren Nemeth

“Uschi Digard was born in Bismarck, North Dakota, USA, she moved to Scandinavia with her parents as a child, only to return to the United States in 1966, after starring in several avant-garde movies in Swede(not porn)and theatre work in Swiss. Working as a translator for the jewelry trade, she was told so often that she should model that she decided to give it a try. Uschi Digard speaks nine languages (German, Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French and English). She's married and lives in Palm Springs for two weeks out of every month; the rest of the time she spends in her private pad in North Hollywood. Uschi Digard was one of the top Golden Age porn stars and as far as I know she is still alive. The best film I saw her in was GETTING INTO HEAVEN. She was in that Robert Duval, James Cann Killer Elite (1975) film for a few seconds, also. I have screen caps if anyone is interested. Her main talent was her breast size and her apparent affinity for being nude. I believe that she was a nudist. Never did any hard core stuff. She mostly squished her boobies together while pursing her lips. That is all she did in these porn films. I used to own "Ushi and Candy's Big Breast Orgy" DVD and all she did for over 2 hours was pruse her lips and squich her boobies together. Bizarre! Even the loop with John Holmes was a lip pursing no-sex-sickie, IMHO.” - Max Page

“Uschi Digard’s in a couple of Nick Philips films namely "Roxanna" and "Pleasures of a Woman", both from Retro Seduction Cinema (great flicks btw).” - Darren Nemeth

“Uschi Digard was also in the "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble" bit from Kentucky Fried Movie. Back in the middle to late seventies, Uschi also starred in many 8mm bikini wrestling films. Some of them may be available on video, but I'm not too certain of that.” - Richard C

“Uschi Digard can also be found in THE BLACK GESTAPO (she’s the rogue leader’s bit of white stuff but isn't in it for long). And thanks to the people at Arrow I was able to brighten my bank holiday weekend with a fine “performance” from her in Supervixens. Thankfully she is au natural which is one reason why I love 70s exploitation films.  So when did women start using implants? I thought it started in the 80s but I'm sure I saw a documentary examining defects with silicone implants in the 70s.” - Chris Carpenter

“I have always been sceptical of the IMDB "bio" of Uschi. It seems to me more like a collage of half-rememembered bits from the made-up text that accompanied the pictiorials in men's magazines of the day."Pepper" (The guy who had the "Uschi Digard-A Digital Tribute" website, posessed probably the worlds largest Uschi collection, and corresponded with her over the years) states her birthplace as Stockholm. Most Uschiphiles that I know are of this opinion. Multilingual? Most certainly, but the author of the "bio's credibility is stretched: "Swiss" is not a language. Palm Springs? Quite likely, but a "private pad in North Hollywood"? Sounds like "Gent Magazine" circa 1975 to me. Long-time Uschi Digard photographer Bill Melton took a series of photos of her in 1997,which show her as still a strikingly beautiful woman,which I presume she is to this day.” - Darren Nemeth

“Man, I'm "only" 31 right now, but if I had a chance to have sex with Uschi Digard I wouldn't hesitate a second, I remember she was amazing when she was young, and she still has it. :-)” - Frank Bond

“You know, I love boobs. Meyer movies are the thing for me, I LOVE Pam Grier, and Uschi Digard is definitely da bomb in the chest department. THerefore I've tried to like her, but...I just find her really unattractive. I like her in limited doses for the boob value, but a whole movie with her as the star (like GETTING INTO HEAVEN) is a little excessive to me.” - Frank Bond

“For me, there is no such thing as "too much Uschi Digard" - Dan B

“Don't ask me where I read this, or why I remember it, but as to the question to whether Uschi Digard ever did a hardcore scene: I once read that in the late 1970s she did a scene with Johnny Keys, the black porn star from Behind the Green Door (and many others I'm sure) where he basically tit fucks her, but no actual penetration.” - Frank Bond

“I always wondered about the hardcore rumors. There seem to be a lot of movies that are X-rated with Uschi Digard’s name on it. Whatever happened to her after the Russ Meyer films? I'd like to think that she married a fan and lived happily ever after.” - John Winters

“David Friedman talks about her (or maybe it wasn't) in one of the SWV commentarys. If memory serves, she got married and is/was happy. A trophy wife, indeed!” - Frank Bond

“I have been relatively quiet on the subject but Uschi Digard is one of if not my favorite Meyer Vixen. There was just something about the (not so) innocent milk maid she played in Super Vixens. And the attack in the Hay loft. Man, what the hell are you fighting her off for!!! To the best of my knowlege there has never been an "official" Uschi Digard site. The closest that I know of is the now defunct "Uschi Digard-A Digital Tribute" run by her former freind Pepper,mentioned in an earlier post. He had autographed photos of her for sale that could be personalized (for a fee,of course). Her's a nice picture of her in the same dress that she wore in "The Killer Elite" as shown in the previously posted vidcaps.(I presume) This dress was also in a few photo shoots. Well,for a while anyhow.” - John Winters
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Uschi Digard Classic Porn Actress - Appreciations From Her Fans