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Muscular Canadian hardbody Nadia Nardi certainly doesn't need much of an introduction to fans of well ripped, muscular female bodybuilders. Along with husband Chris Parker, Nadia Nardi is heavily involved in judging for the BCABBA as well as training other bodybuilders - a great resource for bodybuilding athletes preparing for competition. Nadia Nardi also has the distinction of being totally uninhibited so far as explicit nudity is concerned, as our free photo galleries of her posing naked and exposed will amply testify.

Says Big Clitoris Naked Female Bodybuilder Nadia Nardi : “Living a bodybuilding lifestyle has had a very positive impact on my life. I've learned to appreciate both my pre-contest body and my off-season body. I'm happy when I'm big and muscular because I'm strong, and I'm equally happy when I'm lean because I can see the results of another season worth of training. I have also learned a lot about nutrition.”

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Says Big Clitoris Naked Female Bodybuilder Nadia Nardi : “How do people react to a woman lifting weights and being muscular? I find that most people react very positively to my muscular body.  I am a female bodybuilder, after all. Of course, every now and then, someone who is uneducated in the realm of bodybuilding makes an incredibly ill-informed remark. Most people who don’t know much about female bodybuilding - both men and women - are fascinated by the large size and perceived sensitivity of the female bodybuilder’s clitoris. The ‘Clitoris’ Question’ is the one whispered to me most often by genuinely curious women - and men. The fact is that a big clitoris goes with the territory when you are a female bodybuilder. Does a big clitoris give me enhanced sexual pleasure? That question is just a bit too personal to answer. However, let me just say this on the subject of my enlarged clitoris. I like it big and I pump it to keep it big. Not only that, my husband also likes that I have a large clitoris. In general, the positive reactions from female bodybuilding fans are very flattering. I have learned that most people look and stare at my naked, muscular body out of curiosity or jealousy. I simply respond with a smile.”

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