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Kitty Foxx Biography - Kitty Foxx Information

Kitty Fox was born on February 26, 1942, in a small rural town in southern Illinois. She went to school there and graduated from high school in 1960. After attending college she met her only husband in 1964. They have been married for 40 years. She has one daughter and two granddaughters. They moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1978 and she worked as a beautician until 1983, at which time she became a topless showgirl in a show on the Las Vegas Strip.
In 1989 Kitty Fox appeared in a nude photo layout in a men's magazine. She was asked if she would be interested in being in a porno movie the following year and she jumped at the chance, and debuted in "Nympho Heaven". She loved having sex in the movies so much that she quickly decided to be a porno actress for as long as men would desire to have her. Kitty and her husband have been "swingers" for 39 years and she figured that she must have had sex with more than 15,000 men during that time. She is a publisher of "Over 50" Magazine and appears in the magazine in every issue.
Porn Star Kitty Fox gives new meaning to the term 'older and bolder.' She's a lusty dirty blonde who got into porn in the early 90's and found herself wild about on-screen sex. She looks like the dowdy widow next door or the local teacher's union rep, but when the clothes come off and the action heats up, Kitty Fox proves herself to be as hot as any starlet half her age.
Kitty Fox's first hardcore appearance was in 1992's 'Big Murray's New-Cummers 2: Las Vegas Swingers,' where Kitty Fox strutted her swinging stuff for the benefit of a very appreciative audience. From there, Kitty Fox went on to star in a series of sexy flicks that have usually found her at the bottom of a pile of much younger male flesh. She loves oral sex and black men, and most every film she's in can be counted on for some interracial cavorting from this lusty older lady. Kitty Fox's Christmas bonus gang bang in 'Kitty Fox's Kinky Kapers 2' and her group grope in 'Kitty Fox's Kinky Capers' show her at her absolute nastiest. Or for a taste of Kitty Fox in a slightly more subdued role, check out her wild salt-n-pepper three-some in 'Kitty Fox's Kinky Kapers 2.'
Kitty Fox has proven to be one of the top older women ever to appear in porn, and her insatiable lust for wild sexing seems to be in no danger of flagging at any time soon. Fans of older women or just plain old sexual heat will want to check out this wanton woman with the nasty glint in her dark eyes.
Kitty Fox has starred in more than 300 adult films. Kitty Fox is one of the most famous mature adult film stars of all time.
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