Page 3 Nude Model Jane Warner - Jane Warner Appreciated By Her Fans
“I have worked with Jane Warner in the past. If you are a member of any of the Yahoo! groups that are set up for her most of the pictures are mine! Haven't worked with her for a while now as I live in Scotland and she is still in the Brighton area.”

“At her peak I did not think much of Jane Warner because she came across as a prissy bitch who begrudged more than a glimpse of her neatly trimmed pussy, but those pictures of her with her beautiful legs raised and her snatch wide open brought a lump to my throat and trousers. Age has actually put some character in her face and to my jaundiced eye she appears to be hotter in these photos than at the peak of her career.”

“I thought Jane Warner to be just another po faced Sun rent-a-tit until I saw pictures of the first time she had opened her legs, she gets a grip on what is really important and generally lays on a fine spread. Thanks. In ten minutes she has gone from indifferent to fanciable to edible.”

“I love that pose on the couch with her legs raised so you can see both her pussy and ass hole, man I've whacked of to that Jane Warner photo so many times.”

“As far as I am aware Jane Warner is still modelling - at least that’s what her website says. I contacted her some time ago but so far not heard from her as she is suffering from a nasty back pain and some other ailment. I am hoping to interview her at some point.”

“Jane Warner is like single malt whiskey, she is getting even better with age!”

“Jane Warner has put on a bit of weight these past few years - haven't most of us - but she's none the worse for that. Just about my favourite model, she is.”

“I just love Jane Warner’s nipples, God they`re so lickable.”

“Her ex-husband didn't want Jane Warner to pose topless once they were married, because he thought it was obscene. But he didn't see any obscenity in attacking her in a drunken stupor! If these idiots don't like other men (and perhaps women) looking at pictures of their Page 3 wife's naked tits, then they should never have married in the first place.”

“Seem to recall he was a travel agent a few years older than Jane. They had one son (must be about 20 now). Jane Warner quit modeling but after about 3 or 4 years decided to start again and did a set for Mayfair. She then opened her studio in Hove and ran it for about 10 years - thing is I only know about 3 photographers who worked with her in the studio so there must be loads more pictures of Jane Warner out there even if she only worked with one guy a day 6 days a week!”

“I read yesterday that Jane Warner has gone to live abroad. This will probably mean no more pictures of Juicey Jane.”

“Why does that stop her getting her kit off for a camera? Going abroad may mean better weather so more pics of Jane Warner posing naked outdoors.”

“Strange - a few years ago I was in contact with her via a letter which came from Brighton! I think she is still there because her mother is in that area too.”

“I've seen a fairly recent picture of Jane Warner with a dildo in her twat. Got a feeling I saw it on Robb's-late lamented-Celebrity Oops site. In fact I'm sure I did.”

“Jane Warner wouldn't let me take any pictures of her using a toy.”

“I'm so envious! Was Jane Warner good to work with?”

“Yes Jane Warner was great to work with. I did 4 sessions including a outdoor shoot with her, then she stopped answering the phone. Seems its how she works.”

“It's funny but my father met Jane Warner in the early 1980's at some car show and I remember her being featured in a top shelf mag soon after. I never thought that I'd be looking at pix like these over 20 years later.”

“What is wrong with being obsessed with Jane Warner, as she is sexy at any age and like a fine wine gets better with age.”
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Jane Warner Tribute - British Page 3 / Nude Model Jane Warner Naked And Exposed Picture Galleries
Jane Warner Biography / Information - Page 3 Nude Model Jane Warner - Jane Warner Appreciated By Her Fans