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Hyapatia Lee Tribute : Native American Indian Porn Star Hyapatia Lee - aka Victoria Lynch - is one of the all-time greats of the adult entertainment business, featuring in some of the hottest XXX-rated films from the Golden Age Of Movie Pornography. Hyapatia Lee is a dusky seductress of Cherokee Indian and Irish ancestry who sucked and fucked her way across hardcore movie screens for much of the 1980's. Her long, raven-black hair, deep and brooding eyes, and curvaceous figure got her noticed, but it was her incendiary sex action that kept her at the top of the porno world.

Porno Critic Pat Riley On Hyapatia Lee : "Hyapatia Lee seems like a cross between an enviro-freak and a ball busting female that, judging by some of her other performances these days, she probably is in real life. As to her laudatory remarks about Indian culture, if this was so great how come most Indians live in poverty on rubbish strewn reservations?"

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Hyapatia Lee Biography : A porn performer in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Hyapatia Lee is also a dancer, actress, choreographer, musician and singer.  By 1982 she was a regularly featured exotic dancer. In early 1983 she went to Hollywood to become a movie star, and wound up becoming one of the most popular stars in the history of adult films, making about 36 films until her retirement in 1993 when she was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame. She was given the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Free Speech Coalition in 1995. Nowadays, Hyapatia performs a lead singer in her rock band Double Euphoric. Her porn days are behind her, and she has spoken out actively for environmental issues and animal rights. In the 1980s she starred in the most expensive adult movie ever - The Ribald Tales of Canterbury - loosely based on Geoffrey Chaucer and scripted by Hyapatia herself, who wrote many of her own movies and even directed some. The movie had a $300,000 budget.

Golden Age Porn Legend Hyapatia Lee On The Art Of Giving Good Oral Sex : “I always liked to be fucked by men who were much older than me. The guys I'd been with before hadn't explained how they liked their cocks sucked, but this one guy I was really serious about told me the specifics. Older guys aren't so excited about having pussy that they explode instantaneously. I like the slower, laid-back thing, taking time and having fun with oral sex, positions, acting out different roles. I was running around with an older crowd, and I played a game with myself to see how old a guy I could fuck. I thought older guys could teach me more about sex - and I still feel that way. I hope I always keep learning!”

Golden Age Porn Legend Hyapatia Lee On Sex And God : "Cherokees are Matriarchal. We see the feminine side as being equal if not superior. Women hold property and rule the house. When a couple marries the husband takes his wife's last name. Why is God always male in the Bible when women are the sex chosen to create the miracle of a new life, give birth and feed their precious young from their own bodies in all but snails and seahorses? The feminine power of the universe is very strong and our current world has chosen to dominate and silence it. Mother Nature has already started Her revolt with unseasonable tornados, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and droughts in record numbers and severity. I cannot easily relate to a God that is male. A heavenly father to me just has more authority to beat and molest his daughters, especially if this particular view of God included the restriction of females in his little black book."

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