Taboo Porn Movie On DVD - Starring Legendary Porn Actresses Dorothy LeMay And Kay Parker
Taboo - Starring Dorothy LeMay And Kay Parker

Taboo, from porn’s Golden Age, is a landmark adult movie.
Originally filmed in 1979 and released in 1980, Taboo broke through many sexual barriers and has been a perennial best seller in the adult video world.
Taboo also made cinematic history on several fronts. In 1983, it scored another first when it received unprecedented approval from the prestigious Video Software Dealers Association. This recognition was considered by many as a turning point in the acceptance of adult entertainment by the mainstream video industry.
Finally, due to its overwhelming popularity, it was the first adult motion picture with numerous sequels in release.
Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary, forcing her and her son to fend for themselves. In order to put her life back together, she takes a secretarial job. After her boss makes an uncomfortable pass at her and she falls into the divorcee`s role of meaningless parties and blind dates, she becomes caught in a vortex of lust and passion.

Starring: Kay Parker, Holly McCall, Dorothy LeMay, Juliet Anderson, Connie Peterson, Tawny Pearl, Brooke West, Mike Ranger, Betsy Ward, Lee LeMay, Sarah Harris, Starr Wood, Valerie Darlyn, Don Fernando, Gary Eberhart, Jesse Adams, Jeff Scott, Jeremia Jones, Ken Scudder, Michael Morrison, R.J. Reynolds, Turk Lyon.
Director: Kirdy Stevens

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Taboo - Groundbreaking Incest Starring Dorothy LeMay And Kay Parker
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Taboo Porn Movie On DVD - Special Collectors Edition - Starring Legendary Porn Actresses Dorothy LeMay And Kay Parker

Kay Parker had made aa number of porn films since her debut in 1977 at the age of 33, which was unusually old by industry standards, but it was the 1980 VCX production, Taboo, directed by Kirdy Stevens, that made her a star, and as an aside, also solidified the reputation of the much younger Dorothy LeMay. Kay Parker, with her  sexy English accent and large, natural breasts was a prototype MILF who really embodied the 'hot mom' that many younger men seem drawn to and it's for that reason that she's the perfect choice to play the lead in Taboo, which very explicitly deals with the truly taboo theme of incest.

While there had been plenty of porn movies made about this type of family affair before Taboo came along, this was the first to really qualify as a blockbuster, as most of them were pretty low budget, almost underground productions stemming from the seedy side of the New York City porno scene of the seventies. Kirdy Stevens' film presented the subject of incest in a more serious manner, and also in a more sensual and explicit one dealing with Freudian themes and the repercussions of what can happen to a mother and son who dare to take their relationship to the next level.

Scene 1: Kay Parker and Turk Lyon
Themes: Straight
Scene Breakdown: Kay is a very good-looking woman with long brown hair and beautiful, natural DD cup breasts! We kick the movie off right with her going down on Turk. He reaches over and turns the light on, but she really doesn't want it on so they argue a little before she finally caves in. Cutting away we then watch as she rides in reverse cowgirl until Turk cums, blowing his wad on her naturally hairy bush, then slips back inside her for a few more trokes.

Immediately Turk gets up and begins getting his things together, explaining to Kay that their marriage is over. Naturally, he had to fuck her first! Of course she inquires about it and asks if it's his secretary - and she's right, he admits that's the real reason he's bolting. The next morning Kay explains to their son, Mike, that dad left and she's going out to go job hunting. She pokes around here and there, then calls up her friend Juliet Anderson and arranges a meeting for a luncheon. Kay goes on to tell her what happened. Quick to the draw, Juliet seems an opportunity to get Kay some new dick in her life, so she says she'll arrange a date with her and one of her pussycat guy friends. Afterward, she brings up a job idea, which Kay hadn't thought of, then begins asking about Mike. At that point we cut to him studying" with Dorothy LeMay - his heads between her legs as she asks him question. He does answer them though, and since they were all right, Dorothy decides to give Mike a reward!

Scene 2: Dorothy LeMay, Tawny Pearl and Mike Ranger
Themes: Straight
Scene Breakdown: Dorothy LeMay is an attractive girl with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Tawny is a cute girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. Standing up, Dorothy takes his cock and begins sucking it, then as she does Tawny walks in on them. She seems a bit taken back and begins to leave the room, but Dorothy stops her, asking her to join them! The two suck his cock for a few minutes, then Dorothy tells Mike to fuck Tawny first as she's never had an orgasm! So taking her, he fucks her in missionary first and then fucks her in doggy, where we get some nice shots. Tawny tells them she's going to cum, and then Mike pulls out and cums on Tawny's ass.

Later, we see Kay get home asks Mike if he's talked to his father, which he has and he told him he's staying with her. That leads to a really awkward kiss, a full-on French kiss between them, then an even more awkward moment afterwards as she tells him she got a job before they head off to dinner... Cutting away, we then see Kay hard at work as she gets a phone call; it's Juliet. They talk for a few moments and then her boss (Michael Morrison) attacks her; groping her! Kay drops the phone and anxiously Juliet listens on as the two have their altercation. After Kay and her boss get things worked out, Juliet turns to her lovers - Don and Miko - to quench her burning pussy - the idea of Kay being raped turned her on!

Scene 3: Miko Yani, Juliet Anderson and Don Fernando
Themes: Straight, Girl/Girl
Scene Breakdown: Juliet Andersonis a very good-looking woman with short blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Miko is a pretty attractive girl with medium length brown hair and natural A cup tits. Juliet, being an aggressor, had Don eat her first, and soon Mika joins in on the action too, adding some fingers to the mix. Cutting away, Miko rides in reverse cowgirl while Juliet licks on her clit, then we cut to Miko holding her pussy open as Don pushes inside her, fucking her in missionary. We get some really nice shots and then it's Juliet's turn for some missionary action, where the scene ends with Don cumming on Juliet's belly. The girls lick the cock clean too before it's all said and done.

At Mike's place, he has Dorothy take a seat as he wonders off to see if his mom (Kay) is home, but before he even gets out the door she calls him to look at her as she flashes her pussy to him! He finds Kay in the show and secretly watches her. Forgetting all about Dorothy, he continues to watch her as she gets out of the shower and dries off, then applies cream to her tits. She goes on getting dressed to go out as he watches on and then before she comes out he hustles out and takes a seat next to Dorothy. Then as soon as Kay's out the door Mike begins ravishing Dorothy - after all he was pretty worked up over seeing Kay in the buff!

Scene 4: Dorothy LeMay and Mike Ranger
Themes: Straight
Scene Breakdown: He begins sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy, then slides his way south to eat her out. Swinging her leg over his head, they do a bit of 69 before we cut to Dorothy easing herself down on him and riding in reverse cowgirl; we get some nice shots too! Afterwards we cut to Mike fucking her in missionary until he's ready to cum, spraying her face and chest with cum.

Catching up with Kay and her date, the pussycat Juliet set her up with, Kay finds out he's not the tame, reserved "cat" she was led on to believe he is... Oh no! For their first date, he takes her to a "Swing party" (orgy)!! As he heads off, Kay stays parked on a couch as everyone gets frisky around her, then we cut to the action!

Scene 5: 6 girls and 6 guys
Themes: Orgy, Straight, Girl/Girl
Scene Breakdown: After we see a big circle of people, all giving the one next to them oral, Kay hears the fun and heads in to see what all the commotion is about. Walking in, she sees a huge orgy going on with everyone in on the action, forming an oral circle - each person is performing oral sex on the person next to them. Anyway, the scene goes on as we see plenty of fucking, then we sporadically get pop-shots from the guys before the scene ends.

After Kay gets dropped off, we see her lying in bed, fantasizing about her being in and orgy while she rubs on those wonderful tits and plays with her pussy! Not being able to control her fantasies, she heads off for a glass of water, but passes by Mike's room. As she passes, she notices he's passed out and naked, but as those visions of the orgy race through her mind she gets a bit disorientated and begins rubbing on his inner thighs.

Scene 6: Kay Parker and Mike Ranger
Themes: Straight, Tit Fucking
Scene Breakdown: Leaning over Mike, she takes his cock and worships it very sexily, rubbing her face on it and sucking it. Removing her nightgown, Kay moves up and rides him in cowgirl, while we get some nice shots of the action, then we cut to her getting nailed in missionary. The scene then wraps up with Kay still on her back while Mike fucks her tits and cums all over her face.

The next day Mike wakes up and finds a note from Kay, saying what they had lost their heads and it was terribly wrong. It goes on to say they will talk when she gets home, then we cut to her at work and we see her clearly disoriented and upset over her previous nights activities. Sensing she's distraught, Michael, her boss, tells her to take the day off and that he's going to take off with her. They have a nice time, roaming the city, looking more or less like a couple, then he drops her off at her place. Before she goes though she invites him to dinner tomorrow night. Inside she finds a waiting Mike, who's ready for more fuckin'! They discuss the night before and only Kay seems a bit distraught by the idea of incest. As Mike makes his move, she tries fending him off, but gets wrapped up again and the two begin kissing.

Scene 7: Kay Parker and Mike Ranger
Themes: Straight
Scene Breakdown: Getting a nice shot of Mike slipping his fingers in her pussy, then we cut to him sucking her tits before he heads south to eat her hairy pussy out. On to the fucking, Kay starts off in spoon where we get some nice shots of the action and then she moves over onto her back for some missionary. After that, as Mike's ready to cum, he pulls out and coats her tits. I really liked the way she followed up the cumshot with some sexy cock sucking!

The next day, Kay heads over to Juliet's place. Ringing the doorbell interrupter her and her two lovers from before, then as Juliet runs off to answer it, Don cums on Miko's bush. Letting Kay in, the two take a seat on a couch and begin and Kay begins spilling the beans.... However, instead of repulsing or disgusting Juliet, it turns her on! She then probes Kay about the activities they did while she rubs on her pussy. Unfortunately this does nothing but upset Kay, as she was looking for advice, she bolts off. Later on, over at her place, Kay, Mike and her boss have dinner - as planned. He tells the two to keep next weekend open as he has plans to take them up to a cabin, but Mike isn't at all interested and he leaves the table. Michael sees this as a perfect opportunity and moves in on Kay, wanting some dessert!

Scene 8: Kay Parker and Michael Morrison
Themes: BJ
Scene Breakdown: Standing up, the two begin with some kissing and then Michael picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. They undress and he begins with sucking on those wonderful boobs, then we cut to her sitting on his face. After a few we cut and she's spun around, leaning forward to stroke his cock as we get some nice shots of him eating her. Eventually he cums and she plays with it, using the cock to rub his cum on her face.

An interesting cast, an intelligent storyline and a truly controversial subject make Taboo a classic Golden Age porn movie. Kay Parker has the right kind of sexual charisma required to carry the film and her two scenes with Mike Ranger are highlights of the movie in spite of - or perhaps because of - the risque elements that they contain. While the movie could have dealt more with the ramifications and guilt that both parties would likely feel, this is a porno film after all and you can't really fault it for not being as deep as it probably should have been. Kirdy directs with some flair and the cinematography is definitely better than average as it does a fine job of capturing the San Francisco locations where the story plays out.

Special Collectors Edition Taboo DVD Extras:

The main extra features on this Special Collectors Edition Taboo DVD are the two commentary tracks, the first of which is with director Kirdy Stevens who covers the history of the film. Kirdy is joined here by writer/producer Helen Terrie. Kirdy has some interesting trivia and stories to tell, explaining how Turk Lyon got his name and how he went about casting the film. He talks about meeting Dorothy LeMay and how Jesse St. James was initially wanted for the lead role that finally wound up with Kay Parker. Stevens, interestingly enough, never wanted his female performers to swear in the film, stating that what you see on camera should be enough. They talk about why certain angles were used for certain scenes and where various scenes were shot (parts were shot in a real estate office!). There's some dead air here and there, unfortunately, but when the two of them are talking this is an interesting look back at the making of the movie. Terrie talks about the fact that many producers concentrate more on the stills so that the box art will be strong and that copies will move but with this film they concentrated more on the shooting of the film, which resulted in having to come back and shoot some stills after the fact. Stevens obviously put a lot of thought into the color schemes that we see in the movie, using orange and red to make things look 'hot' in various intervals. The two even talk about how Boogie Nights borrows from Mike Ranger's life and how he looks 'pretty' and 'sincere' when he's interacting with Kay Parker's character.

The second audio commentary features Kay Parker herself and when she has something to say it is worth listening to. She talks about working with a few of her co-stars on this picture and how professional many of them were. She also talks about where various scenes were shot and what it was like working on the movie. She doesn't lend a lot of insight into the picture but she does tell some decent stories even if the moderator, who more or less mutters in the background, should have done a better job of prodding for information and keeping her on track. Parker is critical of her performance at times, explaining that much of the movie was done using only one or two takes. She points out that the movie is, to an extent, a commentary on how times and society as a whole had changed around the time that this film was shot. Her memory is spotty at times, and she's honest about that, though she has no problem pointing out a sleazy cast member or two when the time comes. The most interesting part of the commentary is when Parker talks about when she was confronted on a talk show by a group of religious people in San Francisco who wanted the film banned and how a few other people rose to the movie's defense.

Also of interest to fans of classic adult cinema will be the Interview With Kay Parker, who still looks drop dead gorgeous. She talks about how the film has become a cult classic and elaborates on why she thinks this is. She talks about how she joined an improvisational acting group which lead to her meeting John Leslie who introduced her to the world of adult filmmaking in San Francisco. Her first appearance in an adult movie was a non-sex role, but from there she went full tilt into hardcore and how it was difficult at first to actually fuck on camera because she started to panic a little bit. She talks about how she met Kirdy Stevens and how she was impressed enough with the script for Taboo that she was interested in taking the role and the rest is history. She claims to have no regrets, and comes across as a smart and intelligent woman who knew exactly what she was doing on camera. Parker also talks about which co-stars she slept with on camera made it feel natural and which ones did not, pointing out that the more natural scenes turned out better than the other ones.

Special Collectors Edition Taboo DVDFinal Thoughts:

Taboo is a historically important Golden Age porn film that benefits from a fantastic performance from the always sexy Kay Parker. It is not only erotic it's also quite interesting. Standard Digital could have done a better job with the video but the two commentaries are a nice touch as is the interview with Kay. Recommended.
Dorothy LeMay DVD - Buy ‘Taboo’ Classic Porn Movie Reissued On DVD Starring Dorothy Le May
Taboo DVD - Golden Age Incest Porn Movie ‘Taboo’ On High Quality Re-Mastered DVD With Dorothy LeMay And Kay Parker
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