British Page 3 Girl Debbie Corrigan - Debbie Corrigan On Having Sex With Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell Is A Flop Idol According To Ex-Lover Debbie Corrigan

Pop Idol and X Factor supremo Simon Cowell has been cruelly and humiliatingly described as a Flop Idol in bed by his ex-lover Debbie Corrigan. Glamour and porn model Debbie Corrigan, also a former girlfriend of comedian Jim Davidson, was left unimpressed by Simon Cowell’s performance between the sheets. Week after week, Cowell insults wannabe singers and entertainers as he tells them they are not fit to be stars. But Debbie Corrigan has given Cowell a taste of his own medicine by revealing how the millionaire record company boss would never make her top ten of lovers.

According to Debbie Corrigan: “Making love to Simon Cowell is like going on a cross channel ferry. He rolls on. He does the deed. He rolls off. And frankly I felt sick throughout. Simon seems to think he is some sort of sex god. Personally I think he’s the spitting image of Dale Winton. In words that Simon would understand, he’s not good enough. He’s not a bedroom idol, I wouldn’t even give him a score of one."

In an exclusive interview Debbie told the Sunday People how he: Sent her to sleep during their love making. Droned on and on about how he discovered boy band Westlife. Wooed her with the immortal line: "I love booby girls and wild women." Boasted of hiring escort girls.

Debbie said: "We’d drunk loads of champagne, then gone back to his hotel room and started drinking this dodgy lemon liquor. I knew he was after a shag and I was up for it, but what a disappointment. All I can remember is him rolling on top of me. I must have fallen asleep mid-way through. It was that dull. There was no foreplay, no kissing, nothing. All night he’d been boasting about how he loved making love to women. He loved one night stands and said he loved the thrill of the chase. He admitted that he would often hire an escort girl. For a man that boasted so much about his love life, I thought I was in for something a bit more spectacular."

Simon Cowell and Debbie Corrigan went on a series of dates before reaching their grand finale between the sheets. She said: "We met at a model’s party at the Collection bar in London and he was obviously there eyeing up all the female talent. He was wearing a tight black sweater and I remember thinking his breasts looked bigger than mine which at a pretty respectable 32E takes some doing. He’d tucked his jumper into these really high waisted trousers and his hair was all bouffant. For the first few minutes I was convinced he was gay. But when he asked for a date I thought, why not?"

Simon Cowell’s next performance was at the Oriele Bar in Chelsea. Debbie said: "We arranged to meet for a bite to eat. Simon was on his way to a health farm for the weekend. He was wearing exactly the same outfit again. All the way through the meal he was sniping at the waiters and criticising just like he does on telly. His chat wasn’t that interesting. He just went on and on about how he’d worked with Westlife, and how he’d discovered Five. After the meal he came back to my place for coffee. We were chatting when he just grabbed me. We had a passionate kiss. He’s quite a good kisser though not as good as Jim Davidson. He grasped my breasts and muttered ‘ I love booby girls and wild women and your breasts are the best of any glamour girl I’ve ever known’. But suddenly Simon’s mobile rang. It was his chauffeur and Simon abruptly left for his health farm weekend."

Simon reached the final stages of seducing Debbie a week later. She said: "He took me to a restaurant called Scallini’s. My heart sank because he was wearing the black jumper tucked into black trousers again. I was wearing exactly the same. Prince Andrew was at the next table with a group of friends. That made me feel nice and special. Simon bought me champagne and started a very odd conversation, saying he loved one night stands, going on about escort girls, and saying he loved having sex with strangers. I was a bit taken aback. I noticed Prince Andrew leaving and half of me wanted to run after him. Simon started banging on about Westlife again and I was so bored I phoned my ex boyfriend Jim Davidson. He just wished me luck."

But after more bubbly, Debbie was lured back to Simon’s hotel room and his grand finale of incredibly dull sex took place. Debbie says: "Now I laugh when I see him telling people on Pop Idol they’re rubbish. I just sit there thinking his own performance isn’t that hot either. Sorry Simon, but you just haven’t got it. That was, as you might say, one of the worst sexual performances I’ve ever had."

Debbie’s verdict: His looks: Simon’s bulging chest muscles, chiselled jaw, and bouffant hair style did nothing for her. At their first meeting she assumed for a few minutes he was gay and points out "he’s the spitting image of Dale Winton"

Dress sense: Debbie was mystified by Simon’s never ending supply of black jumpers and high waisted trousers. "I wish I’d had a chance to peek inside his wardrobe and see if there were rows upon rows of identical outfits" She says.

Seduction: Ok, there was plently of champagne, but a man with your experience really ought to have rehearsed something a touch more sophisticated than: "Your breasts are the best of any glamour girl I’ve ever known".

Sophistication: Table talk about the thrill of one night stands and escort agencies is not the most gentlemanly way to impress a girl. But the standard of the fancy restaurant -- other guests included Prince Andrew -- was high.

In the bedroom: Barely worth staying awake for, says judge Debbie. "It was like a cross channel ferry. Roll on, roll off". And she was seasick within seconds before Simon went to sleep.
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