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Big Tit Porn Legend Christy Canyon - Biography : Christy Canyon - Facts And Information
Christy Canyon is a retired big breasted porn star, radio personality and author of her autobiography: Lights Camera Sex! Born to an Armenian-American father and an Italian-American mother, she grew up in California's San Fernando Valley.

Birth Name: Melissa Bardizbanian
Aliases: Christie, Tara White, Tara Wine, Linda Daniel, DeeDee and Missy
Birthplace: Pasadena, CA.
Birthdate: June 17, 1966
Ethnic Heritage: Armenian and Italian
Measurements: 36-25-36
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 130 lbs
Best Known for: Natural Breasts
Hobbies: Reading; Shopping; Eating
Favorite Car: Jaguar Convertible
Favorite Food: French Cuisine
Favorite Actor: Gerard Depardieu
High School: Providence High School, Burbank, CA (expelled)
High School: North Hollywood High School, North Hollywood, CA (1984)
University: AA, Otis College of Art and Design
Husband: Tom Sinopoli (m. 1993, div. 1994)
Husband: Jeremy Stone (m. Jul-1996, div. 1999)

Big breasted porn star Christy Canyon is in both the AVN Hall of Fame and the XRCO Hall of Fame. She has been rated by AVN as one of the top 20 porn actresses of all time.  From 1984 to 1997, Christy Canyon appeared in over 200 porno films.
Christy Canyon became an adult sex star in the Golden Age of Pornography, and performed early scenes with such greats as Ginger Lynn Allen and Ron Jeremy. She debuted about the same time as Traci Lords and Christy, Ginger and Traci were the three top female porn stars of the time. After the Traci Lords underage sex scandal, Christy stated that she never suspected that Traci was not of legal age, as she seemed so experienced in their hardcore sex scenes.
Christy Canyon's first stint of appearing in porn films lasted from 1984 through 1986, when she left to join her father's business, but her films continued to be released during her retirement. She returned in 1989 working with Video Exclusives on her label Canyon Video, before joining Vivid as one of their contract girls, following in the tradition of the large movie studios' contract stars. Although she stopped making porn films in 1997, compilations and re-issues continue to be sold. Since retiring from films, she continued to dance until 2001.
Christy's autobiography was released in 2003 and continues to sell well. She also established a career as a television and radio personality, as host of Playboy Radio's "Night Calls" on Sirius. Wanting to give back to the industry she loves so much, she offers advice and counsel to aspiring new entrants to the adult industry.
Christy's sister recalled: "When Christy was in second grade, she coerced all these girls into drawing their own Playboy style magazines to sell to all the boys. And because she was the ringleader, she got sent down to the principal's office." She got kicked out of Providence High School, later graduating from North Hollywood High. Christy holds an associate's degree in merchandise marketing.
Upon entering the adult film industry in 1984, Christy Canyon quickly became a sensation with both performers and fans alike, quickly rising to become one of the most well-known porn stars of the 1980's. Canyon is best known for her natural beauty, large natural breasts, voluptuous body, and significant amount of dark brown pubic hair.
Canyon primarily engaged in standard adult fare consisting of vaginal intercourse, oral sex, lesbian encounters, and small party group sex during her career.

The Christy Canyon Video era
Following the Traci Lords fiasco, Christy Canyon took a three-year break from the porn industry and explored other personal interests. In 1989, Christy returned to porn, but exclusively for her own company, Canyon Video, which produced such titles as I Dream of Christy, and The Coming of Christy among others. With Canyon Video, Christy called her own shots, earning generous royalties from video sales, as well as personally choosing the actors and actresses she most wanted to work with. It was also during this period that Christy cultivated a taste for well-endowed male porn studs, and subsequently worked only with extremely well hung male stars.

Christy Canyon Signing with Vivid Video
After a year with Canyon Video, Christy signed with Vivid Video following a very lucrative offer, reportedly one of the most generous contracts at that time, and quickly became even more popular under the Vivid brand, appearing in such titles as Twisted (with T.T. Boy), A Portrait of Christy, Christy in the Wild, the award-winning On Trial 2, and Bardot.

Christy Canyon’s Second Retirement and Dancing
Christy left the porn industry again after a few years and began exploring the world of exotic dancing. According to her autobiography, she immensely enjoyed the extra money making opportunities presented by exotic dancing, which continued for just over a year. She also revealed in her book that she engaged in a number of one night stands with various men she found attractive while on the road. It was during this time where Christy met Tom Sinopoli, whom she later married.

Christy Canyon Returns to Vivid
Following this period, Christy returned to Vivid as a contract girl, making films in order to become even more of a draw in the dance circuit. Shortly afterwards, she divorced Sinopoli. Upon this return to porn in the mid-1990s, Christy found that the male porn talent pool had dramatically expanded during the year of her dancing hiatus, with many young and handsome porn studs who were not in the industry during Christy's previous stints, becoming quite vocal about wanting to work with the legend. Naturally, she quickly sought out and selected only the more attractive and well-endowed porn actors to work with - most of which she also had offscreen flings with - and went on to star in several highly successful films for Vivid such as Comeback, Sex Secrets of a Mistress, and the Domination Nation series.
In a recent interview on Taylor Wane's radio show, Christy Canyon revealed that although she had to engage in safe sex on camera with all of her male co-stars during her time with Vivid in the mid 1990's as a result of Vivid's Condom Only policy, having protected sex wasn't really something she particularly practiced in her private life, and that she preferred having unprotected sex with every one of her male co-stars off camera.

Final Retirement of Christy Canyon
In the summer of 1996, Christy retired from the porn movie industry for the final time at the age of 31. Soon after, she resumed dancing in the feature dancing circuit and enjoyed tremendous success.
Within a few years, she married adult video magazine editor Jeremy Stone. Canyon continued to dance, and after only a couple of years with Stone, their divorce was finalized as well in 1999. It was around this time where she became reacquainted with a man named Grant, a friend during her high school years. The two dated for years, and finally got married in 2002 after her retirement from the dancing circuit. Christy stayed in touch with her fans through appearances at porn conventions, eBay auctions, and her website,
In 2003, Canyon published her autobiography, Lights, Camera, Sex!, and later participated as a judge on Jenna Jameson's American Sex Star show.
She also appeared on Playboy Television as an occasional co-host for such shows as Night Calls. Currently, she is working as a host with Ginger Lynn Allen for Playboy Radio, as well as writing a sequel to her first autobiography, tentatively titled, Danger, Curves Ahead.

Christy Canyon Sex Trademarks
Throughout her illustrious career, Christy Canyon gained a huge amount of fans not only from her porn movie performances but also from aspects of her persona and physique which made her unique when compared to other girls who performed in the adult industry at the time, these included:
She had some of the most realistic orgasm scenes filmed at the time, displaying passion and excitement that most other female porn performers could not match and, when tried, were told not to as it looked too false.
Her 36DD-24-36 body at the time, which made her a firm favourite among those with a fetish for big breasts along with those who preferred fuller-bodied woman rather than the increasing trend of the time to have extremely thin performer.
Her ever changing brunette hairstyle, which varied from being curled to straightened and even cut short for some performances. Many fans have said that this has added to the variety of her scenes.
Her bushy, unshaven pubic hair.
A reluctance to appear in anal sex scenes, Christy Canyon only ever performed in straight, oral, group and lesbian sex and although producers were willing to pay a high price to be able to shoot her first ever anal scene, she refused all offers and later was quoted as saying that she did not enjoy it and that is why she would not perform it on camera.

Christy Canyon Trivia
Christy Canyon has dated mainstream celebrities such as Robin Williams, Max Baer, Jr., directors John Frankenheimer and Adam Rifkin.
Her name often appears in the 'thank you' list in albums by Mocean Worker.
Christy Canyon is best friends with fellow porn actress Victoria Paris, hosted her wedding, and served as her maid of honor.
During the July 31, 2006 edition of WWE RAW, Christy Canyon is mentioned as a friend of Mick Foley.
Christy's name is mentioned in the song, "Heaven Is" by OMD. The lyric is as following: "Heaven is Christy Canyon, falling in love with me!"
Her first adult feature was Night of Loving Dangerously  in 1984.
Although she retired from making movies and dancing, Christy Canyon still makes occasional autograph signing appearances with her best friend Victoria Paris.
Her last porn film was Where the Boys Aren't 9, made in June 1996.
Christy Canyon has had three different stints in adult movies. The first September 1984 - March 1985, the second June 1989 - December 1992 and the third (and final) February 1995 - June 1996.
She has an older sister, is writer Carla Sinclair - born 15 August 1964 - aka "The Net Chick".
She was awarded an associates degree in merchandise marketing.
She graduated from North Hollywood High School in 1984.
On April 26 and 27, 2003 Christy Canyon appeared at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, signing copies of her autobiography "Lights, Camera, Sex!" Since it was an all-ages event, she did not sell or autograph any adult videos, DVD's, photos or magazines.
She was expelled from Providence High School, but graduated from North Hollywood High.
Her parents blamed her for their divorce, so she ran away from home at 17.
Referenced in the 1993 song "Heaven Is" by the band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. The lyrics go, "Heaven is Christy Canyon falling in love with me".
Went to elementary school and high school with actor Adam Carolla. He asked her out on a date and she accepted, but she never showed up.
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