Huge Breasted, Silicone Enhanced Porn Model Chelsea Charms : Chelsea Charms is the stage name of an American big-bust model, stripper and exotic dancer. Chelsea Charms is best known for her extremely large breasts, amongst the largest in the world and achieved through polypropylene string breast implants.

Billing herself as America's Bust Sweetheart, Chelsea Charms has gone through three breast augmentations, including string implants, to achieve her World record breaking 153XXX-23-34 mammary measurements. Chelsea Charms claims that each of her giant breasts weighs 26 pounds, and they are still growing! When asked if her jumbo breasts get in the way, Chelsea Charms answers, "Not so much, except when shaving my legs, painting my toe nails or trying to go through tight spaces. However, I should note that during the first few months after having the third and final jumbo-boost, it did take a few adjustments with regards to eating and other daily tasks that I once took for granted. There's nothing more annoying than having food disappear into your cleavage."

Chelsea Charms bust size is a gigantic 153XXX and they weigh weigh 31 pounds (14 kilograms) each. Because of the nature of her implants, Chelsea Charms breasts are continually expanding - by about 25 millimeters a month - so she has to regularly visit her surgeon to have excess fluid drained from them in order for her back to cope with the increasing weight of her massive mammarie.

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Chelsea Charms Gigantic Breasts Newsflash : Chelsea Charms has proudly announced that her record breaking breasts have now reached 10,000 cc's each.

Chelsea Charms is generally accepted as the woman with the largest silicone enhanced breasts in the world. Although she is only 5'3" tall, her big boobs weigh a whopping 26 lbs each! In 2000, Chelsea Charms has achieved her massive mammary size by means of polypropylene string breast implants. These implants, resembling a ball of yarn, cause the body to produce a fluid around them. The exact amount however is undeterminable, resulting in breasts which can grow continuously to any size. In some women the results were moderate, but as Chelsea Charms had a large amount implanted - the equivalent of 2500cc, the subsequent breast growth has been astronomical!

A Chelsea Charms Fan Writes : “If you believe that there is  no such thing as too big when it comes to breasts, then you know all about massively mammaried Chelsea Charms. The depth of her cleavage and the projection of her big boobs is unreal. Her giant boobs stretch her tops that are too small until they are ready to tear. Her deep, cavernous, huge cleavage projects far out in front of her.”

Question: Have you ever considered a breast reduction?
Chelsea Charms: Not yet. I’m having too much fun and wouldn’t want to upset my fans.

Question: Why do you want be the biggest breasted woman on the planet?
Chelsea Charms: Why not? Again it’s fun to be different. Life is too short to be anything else.

Question: What kind of men are you attracted to?
Chelsea Charms: First off: they need to be respectful and clean. Good hygiene is big with me.  Brainy and a good sense of humor – that does it for me. Someone who is outgoing  and honest is always appreciated. But most importantly, a guy who can look past the boobs and see the real me. Someone who can look in my eyes first. Someone who can take charge is always good and strong arms are a must. If they get the chance to lift this pair they’ll find it’s not easy.

Question: Are giant breasts an advantage or a disadvantage when it comes to sex?
Chelsea Charms : So far as my enjoyment is concerned breast size is irrelevant, except that some sex positions are difficult. Some lovers find them intimidating, while other men in my life think they are a giant turn on. I am told that cowgirl sex with me is a sight to behold, as my boobs bounce up and down really dramatically as I approach orgasm.”

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