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Legendary Porn Actress Celeste Interview : Pornstar Celeste Speaks About Her Life
I was able to make contact with legendary porn actress Celeste through messages that she left on a post I did about her. She sent me her email address and we quickly corresponded. I was surprised to learn that Celeste is now the proud mother of four and is living a quiet lifestyle with her husband and children in Nevada. Celeste is so sweet and I really appreciate her taking the time to answer my questions.

Celeste also sent me pictures of her most recent wedding to prove her identity and I can say that there is no question that the pictures are authentic and were taken after she left the adult business. Let me just say that Celeste is still just as gorgeous 10 years later. She has not aged at all, although she appears more wholesome than the sex vixen we all fell in love with back in the 1990's.

NW: Where and when were you born?
Celeste: I was born in Stillwater, MN. May 3, 1972

NW: Where did you grow up?
Celeste: I grew up in beautiful Stillwater, MN.

NW: Describe your early childhood. What was your family like? Did you have any siblings? Would you consider your childhood normal? What were your interests, activities or hobbies?
Celeste: I was pretty shy and quiet as a child. I loved playing with my Barbies and pretending to be a schoolteacher. In the summer, you would find me swimming every day. In the winter, I liked ice-skating, sledding, and ice fishing with my dad. When asked what my favorite color was, I would pick some obscure one that no one else liked because I felt bad for it. When I was in elementary school, I would walk to the local Lutheran church to take communion classes completely on my own. I was always trying to connect with God and understand him. I have two older brothers. My parents each had a son before they got married and had me. I was always begging my brother to play games and trying to hang out with him and his friends, a typical pest of a little sister. My parents did the best that they could when I was growing up.

NW: Was your family religious? If so what religion … what denomination?
Celeste: My family was Lutheran and when I was in about fifth grade, I started going to a Baptist church, joining the youth group. I share this because the combination of being violated and religion caused a great deal of shame and guilt for me. I have always been a seeker and searched to feed my soul .

NW: What was your first sexual encounter? Who was it with? How did you feel about your first sexual encounter?
Celeste: Like some of the other girls in the porn business, there was an adult who violated my innocence at a pretty young age. I think when that happens, you either go frigid or experimental. We all know which way I choose, but I’m thankful that I didn’t allow that person to cause me to become uncomfortable with further sexual encounters.

NW: How old were you when you lost your virginity? Who was it with? Where did it happen?
Celeste: I lost my virginity in junior high to a guy who sang “Stairway to Heaven” for the talent show. It was in a tent and lasted for about two minutes - not very exciting, to say the least. Afterward, we were shown a ”Why Wait” video in school. The visual aid they showed explained that each time you are with a person, you give a piece of your heart away. If a person did this enough, by the time they got married, they’d have nothing left to give. This stuck in my mind and haunted me. Probably because I was young, I rebelled against all of these rules, which I felt I could never live up to.

NW: Where did you go to high school and did you graduate? Did you go to college? Where? Did you graduate? You don’t have to be specific if you don’t want to.
Celeste: My mom started attending a non-denominational church at which point I was put into a private high school. I went to UMD to study nursing and minored in dance. I wanted to teach dance therapy to challenged children.

NW: What were some of the jobs you held during or after high school or early adulthood? Before entering the adult business.
Celeste: I started babysitting mentally and physically challenged children when I was in fifth grade. By the time I was fourteen, I was working for the state with families who kept their children in the home instead of assisted care facilities. The children I took care of were the highlight of my own childhood. There is nothing better then watching a child achieve a new skill they worked so hard toward. I also had a close bond with some of the families, which was very healing for me.

NW: Were you ever a dancer? If so, Where?
Celeste: Around my second year of college, a friend dared me to enter a strip contest at Déjà Vu. When I learned how much money I could earn from dancing - which I love to do anyway - I thought I’d be a fool not to do it. When my parents found out, they were not pleased with my choice of profession and I subsequently moved into my own apartment.

NW: How did you first become involved in the adult film business?
Celeste: I think that it was just a couple of months of working at the strip club when the owners asked a couple of other girls and I to go to Las Vegas to sign some magazines at a booth, which was weird because I wasn’t even in the magazine!

NW: Early in your career you performed mostly with Woody Long. How did you meet Woody?
Celeste: That’s when I met Woody. We hung out, exchanged contact information, and shortly after that, I packed up and flew to California where Woody picked me up at the airport.

NW: Describe the experience of your first porn scene.
Celeste: My first porn experience was really strange. I had only seen a couple of porn movies before and really didn’t know what to expect. I remember that they wanted me to say the word “pussy” and I about died! I wasn’t used to speaking like that. The scene was with Woody and that’s about all I can recall. I do know that when Woody and I went home, I told him that I needed to see who performed the most rocking scenes and wanted to learn by watching some of them. It took me a while to really become comfortable in front of the camera, but I had fun learning.

NW: Describe your relationship with Woody. When did you split with him? I guess you know that Woody died in 2002 after having a stroke. How did that make you feel? Were you still in contact with Woody at all during that time?
Celeste: I was with Woody for a year before we married and we were only married up until I did “Borderline.” We were not in touch when he died. I found out after the fact from Dyanna Lauren. I cried when I found out because, in my opinion, he truly felt alone in the world and was very self-destructive.

NW: After Woody Long your next serious relationship was with Paul Norman. Did you ever marry Paul? Describe your relationship with him.
Celeste: I never married Paul Norman and we didn’t have a long relationship. We tried to work at being friends because I was pregnant. He doesn’t see the child and we went through a horrific nightmare of a mud slinging court case for a year or so, which resulted in his parental rights being terminated. I married an E.R. doctor when my son was about one and we had two more children. We filed for divorce in 2004. I can sum up all three relationships like this: They were unhealthy, dysfunctional, and at times cruel. I also want to take 100% responsibility for the good and the bad in all those relationships. I had to work through my own personal issues and unfortunately, when the people you are with need to do the same thing, everyone’s issues sort of explode at the same time. You can’t figure out where the problems begin and end. I also know that I tried really hard to make things work in my last marriage, which was a catalyst to really awesome but difficult period of self -discovery. I am aware that when you play the role of a victim in life or relationships, you lose all of the power to truly create something wonderful for yourself.

NW: Besides Long and Norman, did you date or have any sexual encounters or relationships with any other adult industry insiders off camera?
Celeste: I did have a brief relationship with someone else in the business; however, without their permission I do not want to kiss and tell

NW: Your appearance changed dramatically midway through your career. You went from a very pretty girl to smokin’ hot. Did you have any work done?
Celeste: Yes I had a nose and a boob job.

NW: You also lost a lot of weight from your earlier days in the business, not that you were heavy early in your career. Were you pressured to slim down? How did you loose the weight?
Celeste: I was asked how I changed my body. I learned my way around the gym and worked out for a couple hours a day. I also started dancing more and riding my bike. I was living across the street from the ocean and loved riding on the path, which is something I miss about Southern California). I don’t regret the surgery at al - I love big boobs - and didn’t feel any pressure, other than that I wouldn’t have been on a box cover had I not gotten the surgery!

NW: You performed some anal sex scenes earlier in your career mostly with Woody Long. Did you ever perform double penetration?
Celeste: I have never done a DP and anals made me nervous on screen just because all horror stories of the nasty things happening when filming them.

NW: One thing I notice about your sexual performances is that you never had a problem taking a huge facial and just sucking and licking up the mess. With a face as beautiful as yours you gave us some of the most memorable facials ever. Where did you learn to do that? Do you have a cum fetish or were you just playing to the camera.
Celeste:Yes!! Busted! I do have a cum fetish and most of my fantasies have to do with lots of it!

NW: What is the most men you have ever been with at one time? Was it on or off camera? What was the experience like?
Celeste: The most men I have been with at a time was two and it was on camera. I loved it! I had a great time in the scene and it was with Rocco and Mark Davis. I think it’s a hot scene.

NW: You have performed with several women on camera. Do you consider yourself to be truly bi-sexual or was it something you just did for the camera? Have you had many lesbian experiences in your personal life?
Celeste: I don’t consider myself bi or gay or straight, I consider myself “sexual” and when a sexy soul comes along, I don’t care as long as there is a connection!

NW: Were you a Vivid contract girl? If so how much was your contract with Vivid worth on a yearly basis? How many years were you with Vivid? What did the contract require? Did you make more money performing free-lance or being a contract girl? Which did you prefer? Were you ever signed with any other companies?
Celeste: Yes, I was a Vivid girl. I don’t recall how much my contract was worth. I was only with Vivid for a year or so and I loved working for them. It is a great company and they treat you awesome. I never had a contract with another company. I enjoyed working for Vivid and Wicked the most. I made the majority of my money feature dancing. Dancing was like a reward for being in all the movies and magazines and it was great to travel and interact with my fans.

NW: In 1996, you appeared in Borderline which at the time was the most expensive adult film ever made. Was the budget something that ballooned unexpectedly or did Vivid plan on making the movie that expensive? What was the experience like during filming.
Celeste: “Borderline” was expensive, but I don’t know how much the budget was; however, it was partly because there was so much talent hired for the scenes. Personally, I was not in a great place at the time with Woody and I splitting up. He took off with over a $100,000 worth of equipment that I’d bought for my dance show and used it for another feature dancer. I also surrounded myself with people who didn’t bring out the best in me and I made a lot of really self-destructive choices. I still enjoyed filming the movie. It was a great story and I still like watching it!

NW: After Borderline you walked away from the adult business. During that time you were with Paul Norman and got pregnant. Was your pregnancy the only reason you left the adult business? Were there any other factors? How long did you stay with Paul Norman after leaving the adult business?
Celeste: I got pregnant very soon after filming “Borderline” and had always planned to go back to work for Vivid. I changed my mind when I was getting ready to make another movie when I realized that there was more to consider than myself. I started really thinking, “What if I got AIDS and died?” There would be no one to care for my son.

NW: Did you immediately move away from California after you retired or did you stay there for a while? Where did you move to?
Celeste: After I decided to not be in the porn business, I did go back and live with my parents in Minnesota.

NW: Did you work at all after retiring? Did you feature dance any? Hold any other jobs? Do you work now?
Celeste: I worked again with challenged children and adults providing home health care and I also taught pre-school.

NW: Celeste: Are you currently married or seeing anyone? If so when did you get married?
Celeste: I met my current husband through my ex-husband. We have known each other as friends for eight years and have been together for four. We have one child together. I am so grateful for him and we are perfect for one another. I finally found my own personal Rocco. He is very supportive of me and a brilliant man. We are on this journey together!

NW: Do you ever regret that you left the adult industry when you did? I mean you were at the top when you left. Or do you regret that you ever did porn?
Celeste: I don’t regret leaving the industry when I did. I have regretted being in the porn industry at times, partly from the guilt I felt from religion and also because of people who have come along and tried to hurt my family - particularly my children - by using my past against me. I am now very proud of what I did and have had a lot of positive feedback from all my wonderful fans.

NW: You posted on IMDb that you are still a very sexual person. Describe your views on sexuality.
Celeste: I have been out of the porn business for many years and I know that some people would like to place the scarlet letters “P.S”. for “PORN STAR” on my forehead. If that makes them feel better, then that’s their choice. I have chosen a controversial business to be a part of and there are consequences for that. I do believe in the power of sexual energy and the good and spiritual life force that surrounds it. It is a gift to us as humans. We should try to lose all the rights and wrongs, the guilt and the shame, anger, and insecurities that we have attached to our ideas about sex and just take a minute to stop and breathe in what a magical experience it is to connect with ourselves and with others in such a beautiful way.

NW: Feel free to discuss anything that I forgot to ask or left out. Anything that you would like to add?
Celeste: I would like to share something from a book I just read. It describes so perfectly how I feel about my past now that my present is so rich and I am at peace with myself: There were two Zen monks, Tanzan and Ekido, who were walking along a country road which had become extremely muddy after heavy rains. Near a village, they came upon a young woman who was trying to cross the road, but the mud was so deep it would have ruined the silk komono she was wearing. Tanzan at once picked her up and carried her to the other side. The monks walked in silence. Five hours later, as they were approaching the lodging temple, Ekido couldn’t restrain himself any longer. ”Why did you carry that girl across the road?” he asked. “We monks are not supposed to do things like that.” ”I put the girl down hours ago,” said Tanzan. “Are you still carrying her?”
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