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Legendary Porn Actress Bianca Trump - Bianca Trump The White Supremacist
Buxom brunette Bianca Trump was one of the 1990’s most visible and energetic porn stars, frequently turning in memorable performances with Jerry Springer on TV and Howard Stern on radio where she boasted about her legion of adoring fans, her $1,200 per hour prostitution fees, and how happy she was living in her "mansion with a wine cellar." Known in the porn industry as a "box cover girl," Bianca Trump’s name and picture on the front of an X-rated video guaranteed sales. To capitalize on her assets, Bianca surgically ballooned her breasts to sickening proportions and upped her rate for screwing wealthy fans accordingly.

Bianca Trump was born on November 7, 1972, in Brooklyn, New York, the youngest of seven children and the only girl. “It was a wonderful childhood," Bianca claims. "And I never hid anything from my family. We get along perfectly."

Swarthy-skinned Bianca married young and lost her virginity during her honeymoon. Her brief marriage ended in divorce and she began dancing at the Deja Vu peeler bar in Spokane, Washington, at eighteen alongside her roommate "Mona Lisa".

This cash-for-gash lifestyle led Bianca Trump to a visit with Jim South at World Modeling and glistening crotch-filled photo shoots for popular stroke books such as Hustler and Penthouse.  Soon enough, nineteen-year-old Bianca was blowing skin flutes for a paycheck beyond her wildest dreams in her first adult video, Two of a Kind. She would go on to appear in over 250 sex videos and 30 men's magazines over the next eight years. Bianca Trump, in fact, became a star--and, subsequently, one of the highest-paid video vixens-turned-private escorts ever.

Then, around 2002, Bianca Trump disappeared. A year later the raven-maned ravisher reemerged in the public eye as Wendy Iwanow, a fire-breathing, neo-Nazi tattoo artist and hanger-on in America's white racist underground. The insanity was revealed when Iwanow (her birth name) was arrested in the Spokane, Washington, airport on an outstanding warrant for forgery on November 7, 2003, while traveling with Aryan Nations’ fuehrer, Richard Butler. Butler had no idea that his buxom little Eva Braun had once used her silicone-enhanced figure to coax cum in fuck flicks such as Little White Girl, Big Black Man. Poor Wendy certainly had some ’splainin' to do about the decade’s worth of black jizz and lesbian twat-goo she'd ingested.

Regardless of morality issues, this was an awe-inspiring about face of careers. Bubbly, soft-bodied Bianca Trump transformed into hardened, ink-splattered white supremacist Wendy with a Bettie Page haircut.  As journalist Cali Ruchala wrote, “In just under a year, she went from a high-priced escort and South Florida tabloid superstar to a bitch for the Aryan Nations.”

Bianca Trump wasn't Italian as the photo shoots and porn interviews often declared, rather a mix of several European flavors (mostly Hungarian), although it's true that she's always displayed a stereotypical Latin temper while clashing in online UseNet groups with fans, critics, and an infamous ugly flame war with retired porn star Brandy Alexandre.

The first sign that something was rotten was in June 1995 when Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police arrested a twenty-two-year-old Bianca Trump and two other ex-cons in the pistol-whipping robbery of two men.  Detectives told the local papers that Trump hatched the plan in May when one of the victims employed her through an escort service and "paid her $200 from a secret stash of cash tucked in a pile of newspapers in his closet.”

According to police, Bianca Trump made a note of the location and assumed that the John kept a fat wad of greenbacks. She relayed the scam to her suitcase pimp, who recruited two other young men, assuring them of an easy rip-off. But when the two mooks broke into the apartment, they only found $60 and flew into a rage, beating and threatening to kill a pair of gentlemen innocently trying to watch sitcoms on TV. Police caught the thieves shortly afterward with their pathetic haul in tow. Bianca was revealed to have designed several such robberies of her customers.

Around the same time that Bianca Trump made a video where she inserted her fingers into a deformed man's penis, she boasted to journalist Luke Ford that she lived in a palatial mansion in "one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country," but those claims were a tad exaggerated. Her admittedly large home  in Palm Beach, Florida, was guarded by two huge Dobermans and located in a dumpy neighborhood mostly populated by middle-class minorities, a fact that was later revealed to have been a serious issue in Iwanow's life.

When she wasn't fucking for money, Bianca Trump seemed to spend her free time clashing with black neighbors over boundary lines and skin color. The uncivil civil war resulted in more than 140 calls to 9-1-1 and eventually spilled over into vandalism and brutal violence. “I'm submissive when it comes to sex, but I'm dominant when it comes to speaking my mind,” Bianca once told an interviewer. True that; she was known around her 'hood for screaming, "Stay away from my house, you little niggers!" at kids walking by her house on their way home from school.

The two-year battle, which began over trees and property lines, became (according to the local paper) "the worst dispute West Palm Beach's police force has ever had to referee.”

The nadir occurred when dominant-minded Miss Iwanow decided to fling a gallon of white paint all over her enemies’ front-porch. Fifteen outraged citizens banded together and pulled Bianca’s crazy white ass out of her car and beat the shit out of her. After this mob assault (which netted her two black eyes, a broken nose, and a concussion) went uncharged by local cops bored with the unending combat, Bianca Trump became Wendy full-time and swore she would file suit against the police for failure to protect her. The charges were thrown out after she missed most of the court dates. In November 2001, Wendy filed for bankruptcy.

On August 14, 2002, neighbors reported hearing shots fired in Wendy’s home. A SWAT team showed up. Wendy would later tell the New Times of Broward-Palm Beach that the incident was "overblown.” But in actuality, she was armed with her favorite twelve-gauge shotgun, and the stand-off continued until early the next morning, when she was led away for monitoring at a local psychiatric hospital. In the meantime, Wendy’s 36DDD silicone implants had ruptured and leaked, causing her to develop fibromyalgia, a chronic, irreversible, and painfully debilitating condition. She was losing it.

Mentally and physically wrecked, Wendy sought a sense of belonging. A family. But when a woman who went by the screen name "WendyFL" posted her dolled-up porn-style picture to a prominent online white supremacist group, she was immediately met with hostility from ugly socially rejected skinheads who thought she was far too foxy to be one of them. Wendy was eventually banned from the site, but only a few months later she was able to return with her grungy new biker-bitch look and a new name to go with it: "tattoogirl1488". Reinvented as a tattoo artist hawking her wares, whatever reservations the Skinheads had with her seemed to disappear. Wendy found a new home.

In a flash, Wendy renounced the sex trade, dumped her boyfriend, took off for Chicago, removed her implants, and took up full-time tattooing. Things seemed to be looking up for the former cum queen who had once been nominated as the "Most Outrageous Guest" in the history of The Jenny Jones Show . White-power Wendy may have been proud of the amount of hate she reserved for the better part of the Earth's population, but by all accounts she was at this point very lonely and aching to be needed.

Wendy posted a personal ad with the headline "Single and Jaded” in June 2003 on the message boards of "I am heading to Indiana Monday with the Hoosier Skins to tattoo at SS."

After less than two months of offering free moustache rides to high-profile male racists in Chicago, our fun-lovin' gal was on the move again, posting online to her Nazi pen pals that she was now in Indiana and that she “just wanted everyone to know that it is super cool here, a solid group of guys, and a great little white town. I hope to see more aware people relocating here in the future.”

But the woman who had once diagnosed herself as "a little crazy" was changing seig-hailing boyfriends more often than she changed her scummy underwear. Wendy’s beloved "Hoosier State Skins" grew bored of her annoying groupie-like presence and told her to “achtung, baby.” The beleaguered young drifter tagged along through the fringe of the White Power movement in the last half of 2003, wandering from Chicago to Indiana to Arizona to the Aryan Nations' compound in Hadley, Idaho.

All this couch surfing came at a price, as Wendy reportedly used a stolen gas-station card and signed bogus checks while traveling, which later provided the basis of the forgery charges against her. It's been said that when you're a card-carrying member of the KKK, you never have to sleep in a motel in some pockets of America. After bedding down for a week or two somewhere in Arizona, Wendy reportedly went out for a drunken night on the town with a trucker named Jeremy (who by no coincidence is an Aryan Nations leader) and some monosyllabic inbred, who later posted his rambling account of that night on (presented here in its original creative use of the English language that these types proclaim they’re so proud of):  "Me and jeremy kicked some mexican out [of a bar] because he was being rude to someone. And some girl started a verbal thing with jeremy and [Wendy and Jeremy] both ended up cursing her out, i was too drunk to say anything so she came up to me and started talking to me about god knows what. I don't have a clue what she or I said. Eventually we all left, started throwing shopping carts in the street and pissing on cars and whatnot... who the hell knows. I don't remember much except when jeremy and me picked up shopping carts and heaved em into the road [Wendy was] laughing hysterically. Next morning i woke up feeling rather terrible, nothing too big happened though, except wendy drank as soon as she woke up. That's one thing i hate about this girl, she always has a goddamn cigarette hanging out of her mouth, that or a beer. She is such a wastoid. "After that, i was convinced i don't want to be there anymore, so i started talking to people and about 3 people actually know her and know what she's about. I don't think either one of them believe in shit, zach sleeps with junkies and acts like a hooligan, wendy drinks and drives and always started problems with me. She changed completely and i tried to explain how i was feeling but she didnt care to hear it. Next day i told wendy i was going to leave early instead of waiting to take that van back with strangers, she just said ok. Then she made me food but i refused it, obviously by then I didnt trust her. I was just too afraid of zach and the fact that wendy was showing her true self. Before then i had eaten moldy bread and got really sick and she didnt care, just said "oh come on, cheese is mold but you don't get killed from that" Not to mention theres only 50,000 types of mold, what a fucking idiot. White pride my ass, her profile on ringo says some garbage about taking care of people and cooking and cleaning..what fucking ever all she does is complain about her divorce and absolutely uses men for whatever purpose they can be used for. Guess i just wasnt cool enough for her anymore and she didn't mind throwing a true white out in the cold. She is a traitor and i look down on people like her."

Regardless of her rippling wake of unimpressed dudes, Wendy was moving up the ladder. Somewhere along the road a couple months later, she reportedly spread her formerly high-priced beaver and swallowed up Pastor Richard Butler, the Aryan Nations’ wrinkly demigod. Entrusted with making big-money cash-for-drugs deals and expected to help organize high-profile events, Wendy was the Pastor's hot, hate-filled little hump buddy, and he was her powerful, shriveled-cock meal ticket.

For a Mata Hari-style Nazi slut, Butler was the ultimate prize, and when her outstanding warrants finally caught up with her, the oblivious Pastor was scandalized. He wasn't just traveling with a wanted felon but one who had made a former high-profile career as a Latin lover of all races. The Brotherhood was beside itself when the news broke. The debacle prompted Rick Spring, the Arkansas state Leader of the Brotherhood, to send out an open letter to all Aryan Nations members and allied White Nationalist organizations in an effort to stem the tide of gossip and outright confusion.

"Concerning the arrest of Wendy Iwanow, who was traveling with Pastor Butler on November 7, 2003: Following the scriptural teachings of the Bible, Pastor Butler tries to help everyone who is White and searching to change their life for the better. Like any other organization, we have had our problems and we could spend time pointing fingers and fighting in chat rooms, entertaining the Jew, but this is what I know, that in the past thirty-plus years Pastor Butler has sacrificed everything for what he believes in. In our world there are very few who can compare. He has been given bad advice from time to time, as well, because he is such a trusting and sincere man. And now, once again, his over-generosity to a woman who purported to be "White Power" but turned out to be a former porn star, is the subject of many jokes. Measures have been put into place so that this kind of situation will not happen again."

Wendy, who spent Fall 2003 promoting Aryanfest and promising half-price tattoos at the event for all her racial brothers and sisters, was banned from the white-power kegger/BBQ/tailgate party she helped co-ordinate after the masses learned she had fornicated with "lesbos", Africa Americans, and even (gasp) Ron Jeremy--a fat hairy Jew!

As Susy Buchanan of the Phoenix Sun Times wrote  "Rules are rules, even for the close personal friend of a near deity. Sucking black dick gets a girl banned from Nazi parties."

Yes, the exposure of Iwanow's black-on-white past caused her internet lifeline of intolerance to act intolerant. One of her UseNet pals named "Fritz" summed up the Brotherhood's outrage by posting, "Once you go black we won't let you come back!"

I'm not quite sure how they do it, but the Aryan Nations in particular has often attracted women with bizarre sexual issues, most notably Catherine Daniels, who, at age sixteen, was involved in an infamous S&M sex scandal in Arkansas. Although Daniels converted to white nationalism, she later claimed to have been sexually abused and raped by her skinhead pals and later moved to the Caribbean, where she's now sexually involved with a prominent black lawyer. I guess she didn't want to "come back."

As of late 2004 Bianca Trump/Wendy Iwanow was still awaiting trial, which was the last I heard of anything to do with her unusual story. Since being outted as a former swallower of dark and kosher meat, her preferred medium of message boards has not been utilized, to the best of my knowledge. Some Aryan sources online claim that one of her skinhead exes posted Wendy's $10,000 bail fees and smuggled her to parts unknown. Regardless, if the past is any indication, Iwanow's future doesn't seem bright.

"I have no idea what I want to be when I am forty years of age," Wendy once told a reporter. "I'm a live-for-the-day kind of girl. I am a normal person like anybody else."

Normal may be in the eye of the beholder, but, for a sister like Wendy, who has lived her tumultuous life in a savage and unconventional way, her truth will be told in the permanent lettering emblazoned across her top of her tits that reads in classic tattoo font: "Never Forgive, Never Forget."
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Legendary Porn Actress Bianca Trump - Bianca Trump The White Supremacist