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Legendary Porn Actress Ashlyn Gere - Interview With Ashlyn Gere
I consider myself to be a blessed man. I have not only had the pleasure of meeting porn legend Ms. Ashlyn Gere, but now I have also been bestowed with the honor of interviewing her. I present, so proud I have a tear in my eye, an interview with one of the greatest porn stars of all time... Ashlyn Gere!

You are, without a doubt, one of the most popular porn stars of all time. Have you ever been recognized in public at a time when you would have much rather just not been bothered?
No, I have been very lucky in that respect, and I don't wear as much makeup in my every day life, so I am not as easily recognizable.

I met you at the East Coast Video Show one year and I remember seeing am asshole you were posing for a picture with put his hands all over you, much to your obvious displeasure. You kept moving his hand off your butt and he kept putting it back there with this big shit-eating grin on his face completely ignoring the fact that you obviously didn't want it there. Did circumstances like that ever turn into an ugly situation?
No, not really. I've had mostly good luck dealing with people - I've only had to kick two or three men out of a club that I danced at.

How did you handle those two or three guys?
Usually, I slap their face and yell "You're out of here!" and the bouncers do the rest.

My all-time favorite porno (and one of my favorite performances of yours) is in the movie Malibu Spice, in which you play a relatively conservative woman with glasses that doesn't wear much makeup or dress the "porn star" part. What are you more like outside of the porn world - glamor queen or "down-to-earth" girl?
I'm really down to earth... the girl next door. I like having a life!

We've interviewed a lot of porn stars over the last several years and have raved about movies they have done while they sat there in front of us, only to have them ask "Ummm, which movie was that? I don't remember any of the movies I have done." What percentage of films you have done could you actually recollect if someone was to mention the title?
I'd say approximately 70%. You have to keep in mind that I've been making adult films now for 11 years, so that is a LOT of movies to remember!

Do you remember filming Malibu Spice? Was it particularly more or less fun than other films you have done?
Malibu Spice was enjoyable, and that is when I met Jeanna Fine. She's awesome! I don't really remember it other than her, because originally I was not supposed to be in it. Someone turned it down at the last minute and I stepped in to help out.

A lot of porn folks live as wild a life off camera as they do on - wild sex parties, swinging, etc. How different is your off-camera life from your on-camera one?
Making movies is a part of my career as an actress. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it. I love to act. My real life, away from stage and film is fairly normal. I've been to some outrageous clubs and parties, but that is only once in a while.

Considering your huge porn profile, I would imagine your family knows what you do for a living. Are they supportive?
My family is VERY important to me. They come first! They know what I do and have been very supportive. We are still very close.

Has your porn work been a stigmata of sorts in getting non-porn acting work?
I started in theater, then low budget movies, then adult films and still do regular TV and films. Both are and have been very enjoyable and I've never had a problem getting cast. I've done the X-Files, Silk Stalkings, Millenium, and just finished a part in the new Jet Li movie, "The One."

What strikes me about the performances of yours I have seen is that you never seemed to be going through the motions - you always looked as if you genuinely enjoyed the sex. Have you ever had to do a scene you just straight up did not want to do from the get go that you were not into at all?
I always O.K. the script and the actors I work with, so I have never had that situation occur.

What do you prefer: feature dancing or making movies?
I prefer making movies. My first love is acting!

Have you ever dated a fan or met someone at a club you were dancing that you hit it off with and hung out with after?
I've hung out with a few people on the road. It depends on them and how comfortable I feel. Generally, I enjoy meeting the people who watch my films and saying "Thank You" to them.

When was your first sexual experience with a woman?
It was on camera, with Selena Steele. She claims possession of my cherry!

Are you bisexual in your off-camera life?

I've heard it said that, in general, women are better at cunnilingus than men. Your opinion?
I think it really depends on the person. Selena is GREAT, but some men I know are awesome too, like director Layne Parker.

What do you consider to be a real kick-ass meal?
Lobster, rice, and a salad with extra blue cheese... and, of course, chocolate mousse for dessert. But, usually, I like really simple food. Pizza's always good!

A woman after my own heart! Any mainstream celebrities you'd really like to boff?
Al Pacino, Sly Stallone and Ricky Martin!

Thanks very much for the interview! Any last words, or things you want to plug?
Come visit me at my site, I'm making three new movies for VCA this year and we shoot the first one in May. Keep watching!
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Legendary Porn Actress Ashlyn Gere - Interview With Ashlyn Gere
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